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  • The Secret to Successful System Implementations - I'm in the middle of helping a client implement a companywide system and the challenges and issues we are facing in this effort remind me of the importance of the basics I've written about before. As I have said in earlier articles, large scale implementations are complex undertakings whose success is by no means ensured. Studies have shown implementations fail almost as often as they succeed. The secret of success is understanding that there are two major deliverables in every system implementation: Getting the solution ready for the business and Getting the business ready for the solution.
  • Learning from the Pain: Gathering Lessons Learned after an ERP implementation - Someone once said that ERP implementations, "are the corporate equivalent of a root canal." That feels like a good analogy to me right now. No matter how well you plan and how well you execute that plan, there is always something that causes you pain, but we can reduce the pain by gathering lessons about what happened and applying them to the next implementation. Lots of people talk about gathering and applying lessons learned after a big event like a system implementation but very few do it in a way that is effective. I use a 3 step process to ensure that meaningful lessons are developed and applied.
  • Start Process Improvement by Getting the Facts – A Case Study - I am often called upon by clients to help them improve one or more of their business processes. Though the industries vary and the processes are different, when asked to help improve a process I always start in the same place. What are the facts; how do we get the facts? If you have processes that needs improving, I suggest you start by getting the facts. Understand what metrics are in place and what they are telling you. Use the facts to keep people aligned and motivated on the effort required to make improvements
  • Optimizing ERP at a Global Company – Challenges for Project Managers - This article shares some of the challenges project managers face on global ERP projects. Anticipating these challenges ahead of time can help ensure your project’s success. These challenges fall into two broad categories: the challenges that come with a global ERP system and the challenges that come with a global workforce.
  • Measuring the Chance of Project Success Using the 4 P’s - All projects have a chance of failure. You can either recognize that chance and attempt to proactively mitigate it, or you can go blindly forward and risk stumbling. I prefer to measure my chances, so over the years I have developed a scorecard of critical attributes that I use to objectively measure the chance of project success. At the end of this article I will tell you how you can get a free copy of the scorecard for your own use.

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