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    October, 2017
    Topic 1: Robots, IoT, Al, Autonomous Vehicles and More - Update From APICS 2017
    Topic 2: What do Sears and Amazon Have in Common?

    September, 2017
    Topic 1: A Tour of Skechers and Jaw Dropping Savings (and Innovations)
    Topic 2: Employee Empowerment - The Key to Success in Lean Transformation

    July/August, 2017
    Topic 1: The Internet of Things is Trending in Supply Chain
    Topic 2: Technology - Should We Take It Or Leave It?

    June, 2017
    Topic 1: VMI - What Are the Benefits?
    Topic 2: World Logistics Center & the Sheer Relevance of Logistics

    May, 2017
    Topic 1: The Secret to Successful System Implementations
    Topic 2: Are You Thinking About Cyber Security?

    April, 2017
    Topic 1: Learned Lessons after an ERP Implementation
    Topic 2: Drucker Supply Chain Forum Takeaways

    March, 2017
    Topic 1: 5S Plus 2
    Topic 2: Professionalism: What it Means to be a Professional in Supply Chain Management

    February, 2017
    Topic 1: Start Process Improvement by Getting the Facts - A Case Study
    Topic 2: Manufacturing Gains

    January, 2017
    Topic 1: Thinking Long Term
    Topic 2: Mexican Gas Prices Soar

    December, 2016
    Topic 1: Technologies Transforming Supply Chain
    Topic 2: Risk in Global Supply Chain Is on the Rise

    November, 2016
    Topic 1: Outsourcing, Insourcing and Near-Sourcing
    Topic 2: ERP Project Success: How to Be Part of the 20%

    October, 2016
    Topic 1: Hot Topics in Supply Chain Management?
    Topic 2: U.S. Roadmap 2025

    September, 2016
    Topic 1: Unscrambling a Challenged System Implementation
    Topic 2: Why Customer Service Trumps All

    August, 2016
    Topic 1: Optimizing ERP at a Global Company - Challenges for Project Managers
    Topic 2: Project Success Is All About People

    July, 2016
    Topic 1: I Can't Find What I Need in My Warehouse!
    Topic 2: Global is "In"

    June, 2016
    Topic 1: Inventory Management Remains Core to Success
    Topic 2: Which Inventory Management Planning Method Is Best?

    May, 2016
    Topic 1: Measuring the Chance of Project Success Using the 4 P's
    Topic 2: 8 Hot Trends in Supply Chain

    April, 2016
    Topic 1: Should You Upgrade Your ERP?
    Topic 2: 4 Critical Success Factors Key to ERP Success

    March, 2016
    Topic 1: Four Steps to Improve Data Accuracy: Case Study
    Topic 2: How to Increase Teamwork to Ensure Project Success

    February, 2016
    Topic 1: Is Your Supply Chain Ready for Growth?
    Topic 2: 4 Steps to Improve Accuracy: A Case Study

    January, 2016
    Topic 1: How ERP Can Improve Your Customer Service
    Topic 2: Supply Chain Strategies for Success

    December, 2015
    Topic 1: Executive's Three Roles in Successful ERP Implementation
    Topic 2: What's Driving HUGE Results in Manufacturing & Distribution

    November, 2015
    Topic 1: Improving ERP Utilization
    Topic 2: Types of Capacity

    October, 2015
    Topic 1: Empower Your People to Grow
    Topic 2: How to Measure the Performance of Your ERP System

    September, 2015
    Topic 1: Leverage Systems for Growth
    Topic 2: Managing Differently After Implementing ERP

    August, 2015
    Topic 1: Manufacturers See the Critical Importance of Collaboration
    Topic 2: MRP/ERP Education - The Key to Successful Implementation

    July, 2015
    Topic 1: Four Steps for a Successful ERP Implementation
    Topic 2: Build a Solid Foundation with Data Integrity

    June, 2015
    Topic 1: Business Growth: "I've Run Out of Space"
    Topic 2: Three Reasons to Implement a New ERP System

    May, 2015
    Topic 1: Where Should I Start to Ensure Demand Planning Success?
    Topic 2: How To Improve Customer Service

    April, 2015
    Topic 1: How to Create an Innovative Culture
    Topic 2: MRP/ERP Education - The Key to Successful Implementation

    March, 2015
    Topic 1: Strategies to Reduce Operational Cost without Capital Investment
    Topic 2: Keep Your Customers with Good Service

    February, 2015
    Topic 1: Trends at the Top
    Topic 2: Who Pays for Waste?

    January, 2015
    Topic 1: Leverage Supply Chain Trends for Success
    Topic 2: Three Reasons to Implement a New ERP System

    December, 2014
    Topic 1: Collaboration Platform: Valuing Team Input
    Topic 2: Driving a Winning Culture? - Don't Forget Your Suppliers

    November, 2014
    Topic 1: Point Kaizen vs. Systemic Change
    Topic 2: SIOP Metrics: 5 Key Baseline Measurements

    October, 2014
    Topic 1: Employee Performance: Do Not Ignore Your Stars
    Topic 2: Use a Dollar Focus to Measure the Performance of Your ERP System

    September, 2014
    Topic 1: Four Steps for a Successful ERP Implementation
    Topic 2: I've Been Thinking about Supply Chain Talent Retention

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