Steve Buchwald, CIRM, PMP

Steve Buchwald has had both manufacturing and retail experience in the fields of food products, furniture, cosmetics, sports equipment, steel fabrication, and automotive. He has a proven track record in eliminating waste through the application of activity based management, lean manufacturing concepts, and Six Sigma tools. By applying sound reengineering and project management techniques, he has reduced companies’ month end and year end closing times, implemented balanced scorecards to improve performance, and implemented MRPII/ERP systems to reduce work load.

A certified project manager (PMP), Steve’s success is based on more than twenty years of industry experience, in-depth knowledge, and hands-on skills with companies of all sizes. He has achieved significant increases in company productivity by applying Activity Based Reengineering concepts to institute cultural, organizational, and technical changes.

Steve recently participated in establishing effective “rules of engagement” for a Project Management Office (PMO) startup. In that capacity he coached the PMO executive team and mentored the engaged project managers. Prior to that, he served as President and CEO of a $10 million audio and video replication company. He took that company from an annualized $1 million loss to profitability in 7 months. In prior positions, his leadership has helped companies reduce inventory by as much as $2.4 million, eliminate inventory shrinkages as high as $600,000, and install ABC/M programs that turned a 3% EBIT loss into a 5% EBIT profit.

Steve currently works with the University of Irvine in developing and teaching Project Management courses on campus, on line, and in-house, for their corporate accounts. In addition, he has developed and taught “Financial reporting for the non-financial professional” courses for many of his clients. He also teaches courses for the American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS). He has spoken extensively both nationally and internationally on Finance, Supply Chain Management, Change Management, Activity Based Costing, Activity Based Management, Total Quality Management, and Continuous Process Improvement. In 1998 he was invited to speak to Sasol, the largest industrial company in South Africa, and then to keynote the South African Production and Inventory Control Society’s annual conference. Nationally he has spoken before the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce Business Council, the Institute of Management Accountants, numerous local chapters of APICS, the Community Alliance for Total Quality, and El Camino College.

He is also a recognized author and has had been published in CFO Magazine, and APICS–The Performance Advantage Magazine. Cutting-edge articles have included “Leveraging the Supply Chain to Develop the Most Effective Business Strategy;” “How Can the Theory of Constraints and Activity Based Management Coexist to Support Process Reengineering;” “Throughput Accounting – A Recipe for Success;” and “Changing Manufacturing Concepts.”

Steve has worked with many companies including Toyota, Boeing, Northrup Grumman, Neutrogena, Mattel, Allied Signal, R. R. Donnelly, and SCE to name a few.

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