Andy Pattantyus, CPIM

   Andy Pattantyus has over 25 years of experience in developing, designing and implementing manufacturing systems, ranging from low volume “single piece flow” to high speed manufacturing systems exceeding 300 parts per minute throughput. Andy is the founder of Strategic Modularity, Inc., a consulting firm that offers the following services:

  • Lean Manufacturing. Planning and implementing lean factory transformations.
  • Strategic Planning. Facilitation of strategic planning meetings for CEO and the C-level management team
  • Facility Planning. Pre-move planning to determine space requirements, and factory floor layouts.
  • Automation Planning. Pre-purchase planning of equipment needs, specifications, requests for quotes, and bid evaluation.

Prior to founding Strategic Modularity, Inc., Andy was directly responsible for material control, manufacturing technology development, product development, and Research & Development of next generation manufacturing systems. Andy held positions including Senior Engineering Manager, Director of Material Control, and Director of Production Technology.

A partial list of Andy’s major accomplishments includes:

Manufacturing System Design

High Speed Manufacturing System. Lead Project Manager and Sub-Team Sponsor for the development of a very high speed agile manufacturing system for assembling batteries. This project required concurrent development of a new manufacturing workcell, a new machinery architecture (patents US6325198, WO000416A2), a new control system with open architecture hardware and software, and a new manufacturing process specifically designed to support product design evolution. Impact. Enabled the manufacture of next generation product with increased quality (Cpk > 2) and reduced costs (100X reliability, 2x throughput, 35% less labor).

Agile Manufacturing System. Joint project with Case Western Reserve University to develop a pallet based robotic workcell. Impact. Developed key manufacturing technologies and developed a DFMA product design adapted for robotic assembly.


High Speed Robotic Palletizing System. Led project to develop a servo motor driven high speed gantry robot for palletizing and depalletizing product trays. Commercially available robots were too slow and too expensive to justify capital investment based on labor savings. Impact. Reduced labor. Flexible system is a safe capital investment that has been redeployed by reconfiguring to new applications as factories closed.

Automated Assembly Line Analysis. Identified required capital investment to perform a series of process steps. Impact. Avoided a capital investment not supported by product volumes, labor savings and margins.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing. Planned and implemented a total plant conversion to lean manufacturing. Impact. Doubled capacity enabling the client to double revenues, grow margin and reduce delivery time. Manufacturing lead time reduced by 2/3’s.

Labor Planning. Determined staffing needs for production operations. Impact. Reduced labor by 50% by converting a cycle time sensitive operation from two shifts to one shift.

Systems Engineering

On-line Ticketing. Installed on-line electronic ticketing system for a performing arts organization. Impact. Improved cash flow by eliminating a 90 day lag in receivables collection and automated the collection of the patron contact information database.

Project Management Methods. Implemented a project managed phased approach to projects, including the introduction and implementation of accounting methods to support budgeting and project tracking and control. Impact. Reduced risk exposure by enabling projects to be supported or killed while still in concept or design phase. Established accountability for R&D expense spending across the organization, RMS Analysis, Performed Reliability, Maintainability and Safety analysis of sub-systems for Railway Equipment, including: FTA, PHA, PHL, FMECA, OHA, HRR, EMCCP, and SSHA. Impact. Identified and documented system failure modes.

Facility Planning

Facility Planning. Helped a client “frame the project” for combining two facilities into one large facility, including budget estimating, space planning, site selection, project scheduling, and project justification to corporate executives. Impact. Space planning accommodated growth from $28M to $185M revenue.

New Facility Analysis. Determined the cost to acquire and prepare a new facility. Impact. Avoided a capital expenditure that the company could not afford.

Strategic Planning

Meeting Facilitation. Facilitated a series of Strategic Planning meetings for an aerospace and defense communications manufacturer. Impact. Company developed a 5 year plan with a focused path for pursuing growth.

Meeting Facilitation. Facilitated a series of Strategic Planning meetings for a Synagogue. Impact. Synagogue faced the brutal facts and made the decision to merge, all while improving their internal governance and decision-making processes.

Material Control

Supply Chain. Identified and secured new suppliers for critical components. Impact. Achieved a 65% cost reduction in the costliest component of one product.

Inventory Control. Converted accounting database to lot # tracking during Physical Inventory. Impact. Established the ability to identify and isolate obsolete material in inventory.

Andy is a public speaker, giving talks and workshops about topics such as: lean manufacturing, automation, modular high speed machinery, flexible manufacturing systems, facilities for the homeless, improving ROIC, and the importance of community service to the career of a professional. Andy’s most recent publication is “A Strategic Plan in One Day” presented at the 2007 National Conference of the Association for Strategic Planning. Andy has been a guest speaker on Lean Manufacturing and Kanban Cards at Southern California chapters of APICS and IMAPS.

Andy holds 6 patents, a BSME and MSME from Virginia Tech and an MBA from Case Western Reserve University. Andy is a past-President of the Kiwanis Club of Santa Clarita, Immediate Past President of the Santa Clarita Symphony, a board member of the Valley Industrial Association of Santa Clarita and the Vice President of the Santa Clarita Community Development Corporation, a non-profit group that operates the Emergency Winter Shelter for the homeless in Santa Clarita.

Read Andy’s articles on this site.

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