Appreciate Your Colleagues on New Year’s

December 31, 2015

appreciate your colleaguesAs we head into the New Year, remember your most valuable asset – people!  Start with your employees as customers, suppliers and others will not matter if your employees are not taking care of them. Tell them about their value. Say thank you. Notice what is important to them. Reward them with what is important to them. Celebrate successes. Provide training, mentoring and resources. Listen. It will cost you little to nothing yet achieve BIG results – and, more importantly, create happy employees.

Next, expand to your other business partners. Collaborate for success. Share your goals. Ask about their goals. Find win-win solutions. Even better – look for win-win-win solutions throughout your supply chain. Pick up the phone to say thank you. Find out how you can help with one of their objectives, whether or not it seems to relate to your collaboration. Small, meaningful steps forward with your relationships will add up to significant success.

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