Daily People Priorities

February 1, 2016

people prioritiesI often state that people are our #1 asset – more important than any multi-million-dollar machine, ERP system, bank loan or the like. How are we treating our #1 asset on a daily basis? Have you thought about this lately?

One way to ensure people remain top of mind (instead of in last place after all urgent customer needs, Board requests, bank requirements, etc.) is to follow these people priorities:

  • Check in with your people every day – find out what is going on and how they are doing.
  • Ask for ideas – get their minds stirring.
  • Ask them who has gone “over and beyond” lately that you could recognize – gets positive momentum flowing.
  • Ask them if they see any potential bottlenecks or have any concerns – and listen.
  • Ask them for ideas to delight the customer – creating customer loyalty won’t occur without a focused effort.

If you follow these people priorities, results will follow – and, more importantly, your people are much more likely to be engaged employees.

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