Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP software selection, implementation and benefits realization

Thinking about a new ERP system?
The ACA Group ERP experts can help make an informed decision on a new or replacement ERP system

Looking to implement ERP?
The ACA Group system implementation specialists can help you define and execute the plan and provide change management expertise to overcome inertia and resistance

Want to get more value from your current system?
The ACA Group system and process experts can help you get more out of your current system

System Selection

The ACA Group can help you with:

  • Defining system requirements and critical success factors
  • Writing the Supplier RFP
  • Coordinating the supplier demos
  • Analyzing supplier responses and recommending a system
  • Negotiating with Suppliers

To start the process of selecting your new ERP system, Contact Us or Call Us at 626-836-9261

System Implementation

The ACA Group can help you with:

  • MRP Education
  • System set up and configuration
  • Conference room pilots
  • User polices and procedures
  • System and process testing
  • Go-live support

To start the successful implementation of your new ERP system, Contact Us, or Call Us at 626-836-9261

Benefits Realization

The ACA Group can help you :

  • Improve system utilization and increase user productivity
  • Improve on time delivery and customer service levels
  • Increase data accuracy

Our Improvement process consists of three simple steps

  1. Assess the current situation and results
  2. Recommend improvements to system, process and output
  3. Implement improvements to achieve ROI and increase profitability

To start improving your  ERP system, Contact Us, or Call Us at 626-836-9261

Inventory Optimization

The ACA Group can help you:

  • Reduce inventory levels and increasing inventory turns
  • Increase cash flow and reducing inventory investment
  • Improve inventory accuracy
  • Implement cycle counting processes

To start improving your  inventory performance, Contact Us, or Call Us at 626-836-9261

The ACA Group uses the Inventory Quality Ratio tool to help clients:

  • Get complete visibility of your current inventory position
  • Set inventory reduction targets
  • Identify the root cause of excess inventory
  • Assign actions to reduce inventory today
  • Track your progress against the targets

We can provide you with a FREE, comprehensive analysis of your inventories and point out immediate opportunities for significant savings, that will pay for IQR in less than three months. Click here to learn more about the analysis.

Please watch the slideshow below for information on our Enterprise Resource Planning program.

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