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  • Have You Heard Horror Stories about ERP? - Since we are known in ERP circles, it is a topic that comes up in conversation frequently.  Recently, at an Executive Forums meeting, one member talked about a situation he knew about where the company lost half its sales after a failed ERP implementation, and they ended up reverting back to their old system.  Can
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  • 5 Steps to Significant Process Improvement, A Case Study - Over the last couple of months I've been working with a client on making significant improvements to their business operations. The 5 step approach we've been using can be instructive to others who want to improve their own business processes in a logical and methodical manner.
  • How To Know If Your Old Business System Is Just Fine - We cannot tell you how many clients call thinking they need a new system to support their business when they simply don’t! Certainly, there is a time to upgrade to a new business system, when you’ve outgrown your old one (for example: QuickBooks with add-ons like Fishbowl), or your old system is highly customized and
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  • Why Executives Should Care About ERP Strategy - Lately, we’ve been called in by several clients with ERP challenges that directly impact business growth and success. Do you desire profitable growth? If so, add ERP into your strategic discussions. Would you delegate a decision that could literally make or break your customer service, profit margins (or lack thereof) and ability to grow? I
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  • The Secret to Successful System Implementations - I'm in the middle of helping a client implement a companywide system and the challenges and issues we are facing in this effort remind me of the importance of the basics I've written about before. As I have said in earlier articles, large scale implementations are complex undertakings whose success is by no means ensured. Studies have shown implementations fail almost as often as they succeed. The secret of success is understanding that there are two major deliverables in every system implementation: Getting the solution ready for the business and Getting the business ready for the solution.

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