Essential Skills of the Supply Chain Superhero

December 25, 2014

image011-298x300In my speech at the APICS 2014 International Conference, I talked about the essential skills of today’s supply chain superhero. Doesn’t it seem like supply chain leaders are expected to be superheroes?

I broke them down into categories to make it easy to remember. First are the soft skills which happen to be equal and often MORE important than the technical skills, according to executives. In this category, I included communication and presentation skills, leadership skills and customer service skills.

Next is the technical skills category. These must become an assumption. They include the skills of planning, project management and business processes. How many people do you have who excel in these areas? Exceptional project managers are hard to find. Last but not least is the category of systems. Here we have computational thinking (which doesn’t mean you have to be a computer whiz), ERP and critical thinking skills.

What are you doing to improve these skills? Do you have a mentor and/or coach to help you build these? And are you looking for these in your current employees and job candidates? 

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