Have You Performed a Supply Chain Checkup Lately?

January 16, 2016

supply chain checkupAs supply chains have become complex, it is no longer a “nice-to-have” to perform supply chain checkups. It has become an imperative. Supply chain performance will have a direct impact on whether a company can grow, whether customers are happy (or searching for competitive alternatives), whether profit will increase, and whether cash will be available. Thus, it must move from being an afterthought to a vital component of strategy.

Supply chains have countless components and moving parts. Strategy, culture, people, processes, and systems are all relevant and must be considered in supply chain design. They are cross-functional, cross-organizational and global. Sales and marketing play a key role. Finance must be a strategic partner. Thus, the only possibility of success is to develop a clear strategy, plan and metrics – and then perform a checkup to ensure progress to these plans. And, if you don’t have these in place, stop, take a step back and perform a supply chain checkup to figure out where you stand and put plans in place to develop your strategy, plans and metrics. If you are interested in working with an expert in these areas, give me contact me.

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