How To Improve Customer Service


Class lectures, practical exercises, participative training videos


Total hours: 8 hours

Target audience:

The course is designed for all employees. Employees involved in sales or purchasing of products or services and those who provide services directly to customers use skills focused on external customer service. All other employees supply products or services to internal customers and will benefit from this course. There are no prerequisites for this course

Summary of content:

  • Why Care about Customer Service?
  • External Customer Service
  • Internal Customer Service
  • What is a Customer
  • What is Customer Service
  • Customer Service Improvement Focus
  • The Ten Dimensions of Customer Service
  • The Eight Step Method to Improve Customer Service
  • Customer Dialogue & Listening Skills
  • The “How” of Customer Service Process Improvement Case Study
  • Building Employee Commitment

Objectives and benefits:

Participants will be able to define a customer and differentiate between internal and external customers. They will be able to identify good customer service when they see it. They will understand the three areas of focus for customer service improvement. The students will be able to list, discuss and demonstrate the 10 dimensions of service quality. They will have the ability to plan and implement customer service improvement projects using the eight step method. Managers and supervisors will know how to create employee commitment to good customer service and employees will know why their commitment is critical. The overall benefits of this course are increased generation of revenue by profitable sales and external customer service; and decreased rework, scrap, and mistakes to decrease internal costs.


Doug Howardell

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