Lean Enterprise Courses

Lean Enterprise Courses

  • The Fifth Lean Tenet: Striving for Perfection

    The course is designed for employees from all organizations, profit or non-profit, public or private, service or manufacturing. The skills learned apply to business owners, company executives, local, state and federal officials, health care professionals, financial professionals, middle managers, administrative personnel, and employees of manufacturing and service organizations. The Lean People for a Lean Enterprise class is a recommended but not required prerequisite.

  • Introduction to Lean Manufacturing

    This is the perfect class to help you start your Lean journey or to bring your entire workforce up to speed on Lean concepts and tools. This 24 hour class includes sections on: Principles of Lean Manufacturing, Key Lean Techniques and Tools and Building a Lean Organization.

  • Process Improvement Techniques

    This class will help students yo develop abilities to improve product and service quality, reduce redundancies, mistakes, rework and waste. which leads to a reduction of internal costs. Benefits include a reduction of internal costs and increase in competitive advantages, market share, and profits and achievement of long-term business goals. Benefits also include an increase in both employee and customer satisfaction.

  • Lean Training & Consulting

    ACA Group offers a wide variety of Lean Training & Consulting Services beginning with the do-it-yourself Lean People Assessment tool. Are you thinking about implementing Lean but don’t know where to start? Are you trying to implement Lean but are struggling to people on board? Have you implemented Lean but not getting the results you want? Lean People Assessment can show you exactly where you need to focus to improve your implementation of Lean Thinking!

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  • Top Management’s Vision & Values – the Key to Successful Operations! - What is the common denominator in successful companies? Top Management Vision & Values. Read more for an excellent example.
  • Employee Empowerment – The Key to Success in Lean Transformation - I am frequently reminded of how many companies are stuck in the same place with their Lean Trans-formation.  They seem to have done everything right, by the book, and still don’t see any real impact on processes and profitability as promised by Lean. So what is missing?  Employee Involvement / Empowerment. 
  • 5S Plus 2 - Many folks are familiar with the lean principle of 5S where the bottom line is: “Everything has a place and everything is in its place.” These steps originated in Japan as part of the journey towards a visual workplace. Translated they are Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain. A quick explanation of these would be: 1. Get rid of what you don’t need and keep what you do 2. Now you know what you have so organize it 3. Clean and inspect it so it works when you need it 4. Evaluate and improve, stay consistent where it makes sense to 5. Keep it up because it works. 5S is a proven methodology of creating and maintaining an efficient and effective work space. Over the years, we have evolved, the world has changed and we follow a continuous improvement way of life. In regards to 5S, we’ve added two more…
  • Do You Have Enough Female Leaders? - I attended the compelling Renaissance Executive Forums All Member meeting last week in the Inland Empire, and it got me thinking about female leaders. One of the keynote speakers discussed this topic. Who would think it would take me attending an event to think about an obviously appropriate topic? I have been one of very few
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  • Why We Shouldn’t Shy Away from Risk - I always look for trends as I find that the 80/20 of success comes from watching and proactively addressing trends. This week, it has been obvious that if we are NOT willing to take prudent risk, things are likely to go awry. For example, if your sales forecast has been formulated and reviewed to the best
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