Lean Training & Consulting

ACA Group offers a wide variety of Lean Training & Consulting Services beginning with the do-it-yourself Lean People Assessment tool. Are you thinking about implementing Lean but don’t know where to start? Are you trying to implement Lean but are struggling to people on board? Have you implemented Lean but not getting the results you want? Lean People Assessment can show you exactly where you need to focus
to improve your implementation of Lean Thinking!

ACA Group’s Lean experts provide consulting services in addition to offering a complete series of courses designed to address the multiple topics that comprise the Lean Manufacturing Strategy. The courses may be taken together to cover the requirements of implementing Lean Manufacturing or individually when information about a specific topic is required. Individual course descriptions are listed below.

Training Programs:

Introduction to Lean Manufacturing

This is the perfect class to help you start your Lean journey or to bring your entire workforce up to speed on Lean concepts and tools. This 24 class includes sections on: Principles of Lean Manufacturing, Key Lean Techniques and Tools and Building a Lean Organization

Lean People/Lean People Assessment

In order to have a Lean Enterprise, you have to have Lean people. And the people have to get Lean before the company can get Lean. This 24hour course will describe how to create Lean People. It will define the three requirements people need to be Lean: experience, knowledge and skill.

6S Program

Workplace organization is about eliminating waste, predictability & standardization, and visual controls.
This 8 hour class takes you, step-by-step from assessing Work Areas, to red tagging Target Areas, establishing formal disposition areas, and finally to auctioning off uneeded items. This class can also be conducted as a one-week targeted Kaizen Event.

Understanding Value from the Customer’s Perspective

This 8 hour class teaches you how to identify what your customers really value, and how to increase the value your bring to your customers.

Value Stream Mapping

This 8 hour course introduces the key tool used to implement Lean, the Value Stream Map. It uses the mapping format introduced by the founders of the Lean revolution.

Product Flow (Set-up reduction, work cells)

This course is focused on the various Lean Manufacturing techniques designed to improve the alignment of your business process. Setup reduction, cellular manufacturing and purchasing partnerships are among the topics discussed.

Kanban/Pull Systems

Kanbans are “signals” or visual controls that trigger events in our organizations. Kanbans help us avoid mistakes and balance the “flow.” Whether it’s the office or the production floor, effective signals increase communication, put the employee in control and require less management involvement. This is a 16-24 hour class.

Perfection/Continuous Process Improvement

This 24 hour class contains the most important information you can learn about Lean principles. It teaches tools and techniques to identify where waste exists in your organization and how to use the collective brainpower of your people to eliminate that waste.


Kaizen is continuous Improvement, Teian, addresses tapping into and improving employee perfromance. This 24 hour class is geared to leveraging your talent , management and best practices to help you reach the next level of excellence and profitability.

Strategic Inventory Reduction

This course explores the links between inventory and business process. It identifies the three reasons inventory exists and how to reduce inventory successfully and permanently without reducing customer service.

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