In A Class of Your Own Using the Web to Bring the Classroom to You

January 1, 2011

There’s an ancient story about a wise king who had to decide what to do with a baby two women claimed was theirs. Well, businesses face that kind of decision every day. There are more demands on business and their people then ever before. Often the demands seem to be mutually exclusive. Take the conflict between watching the bottom line and the need to keep the workforce educated and trained in essential skills.

Competition has made us all more cost conscience. Staffs have been paired down to the bare minimum. There are no extra people and no spare hours in a day. Every dollar that we spend has to be thoroughly justified. That would seem to say that we can’t afford to send people to training classes. The cost of the training course itself is only the start of the expense. There’s the cost of travel to send people to the course or to bring an instructor to them. The biggest cost is the lost productivity from time spent away from work. Faced with tight budgets often training is cut out all together.

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