Organizational Development Courses

Organizational Development Courses

  • How to Improve Customer Service

    Participants will be able to define a customer and differentiate between internal and external customers. They will be able to identify good customer service when they see it. They will understand the three areas of focus for customer service improvement. The students will be able to list, discuss and demonstrate the 10 dimensions of service quality.

  • Prevention of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

    This course covers the material required to comply with California’s mandatory sexual harassment training requirement including the defeinition of sexual harassment, and the EEOC guidelines.

  • Thriving in a Changing Environment – Overcoming Resistance to Change

    This course will show participants how to understanding the nature of resistance, identify specific reactions to change and develop strategies to overcome resistance.

  • Train-The-Trainer, Presentation Skills

    Communication skills for training and presentations including: Training basics; how and why people learn, Planning objectives, organizing material, making the presentation, and Graphics and media selection.

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  • Professionalism - In a recent strategy meeting of our local APICS chapter, we stated our primary Mission as: “We Develop Professionals”. APICS is an international professional society that has become a recognized source for education and certification of Supply Chain and Operations Management professionals. As a chapter, we hold “professional development meetings”, provide “professional” training courses, seminars, and workshops, and offer “professional support” for our student chapter. Often we hear people say “he or she is a real professional”, but what does that really mean?

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