Change Management

In our combined experience across projects ranging from implementing and successfully transforming organizations with multi-million dollar ERP systems, to lean philosophies, to sales and operations planning programs, and to merger and acquisition integration, the common element to achieving bottom line business results is our focus on change management. Although technical expertise is integral to success, the critical success factors go back to people and culture.

Significant organizational change projects like these do not fail in formulation; they fail in implementation. Thus, even though we are known as process experts in improving operational performance, we spend the preponderance of our time focused on change management topics to ensure success. Our top results include:

  • Accelerating cash flow
  • Increasing margins & profitability
  • Elevating customer service & satisfaction

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We use a variety of change management tools to help you successfully implement the improvements needed by your business. Our tool box includes:

  • Change readiness assessment
  • Stakeholder identification and stakeholder management
  • Communications strategy and plan
  • Ensure behavior change through our proprietary approach: Align – Train – Enable – Inspire
    • Align – Employees need to be aware of and aligned with the plans and goals of the program.
    • Train – Individuals need to have the capability to achieve the company’s goals.
    • Enable – Adequate resources must be available and obstacles to performance must be removed.
    • Inspire – Consequences have to be put in place to create an environment where people “want to,” rather than “have to,” deliver a high level of results

We use a variety of approaches to work with you to ensure results, the types most commonly employed:

  • Directly leading culture change
  • Partnering on change management initiatives
  • Coaching & mentoring leaders related to programs & projects being addressed
  • Encouraging and designing cross-functional coordination and teamwork

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In addition to consulting on change management topics, we also provide training and development. It has traditionally been a core element of the ACA toolkit.

Training Programs

The ACA Group offers professional training and education in the follow areas:

  • ERP/ MRP
  • Lean Operations
  • Inventory Management and Distribution
  • Project Management
  • Team Building
  • Customer Service
  • APICS Certification Review, CPIM, CSCP
  • Sales & Operations Planning, (SIOP)

All of classes will be conducted in-house at the clients’ facilities. We can also develop or customize classes tailored to your specific needs, or industry. Our associates/ instructors are all highly experienced, and are professionally certified by APICS, ISM, PMI, and other professional societies. We bring practical experience and real life examples to the classroom, to enhance your learning experience and understanding of the subject matter.

APICS Courses and Workshops

Our associates are recognized by APICS, the leading trade association of supply chain and operations management, as certified instructors for CPIM, Certified in Production and Inventory Management and CSCP, Certified Supply Chain Professional training. We can bring APICS classes to your company to enhance the skills and professional development of your employees. We can also facilitate a multi-session APICS Lean Enterprise Workshop for your employees in-house. To learn more about providing these and other APICS courses and workshops in-house, see our courses or contact us.

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