Prevention of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

ACA Group provides sexual harassment prevention training for California companies.


Class lectures, practical exercises & video.


1 1/2 Hours for Employees; 2 Hours for Supervisory Personnel

Summary of Content

  1. What is Sexual Harassment (10 minutes)
    • Test your knowledge (short quiz taken prior to class)
    • Definitions: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the courts
    • Effects on the workplace
  2. EEOC Guidelines (20 minutes)
    • Basic guidelines
    • Definitions of the accused and the victims
    • Liabilities for costs and defending the action
  3. Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (30 minutes)
    • Video: “Sexual Harassment in the Workplace” discussion follows.
    • Why harassment occurs
    • Gender stereotypes, dealing with change
    • Implementing and communicating a Sexual Harassment Policy
    • Training, audits, counseling, privacy issues, case studies
  4. Handling Sexual Harassment Complaints (30 minutes)
    • Your organization, your policy, choosing the right person
    • In-house investigations following a complaint
    • Basic interviews and documentation
    • Resolving complaints, governmental agencies, courts, settlements.
    • Maintaining a positive work environment
  5. Additional for Managers and Supervisory Personnel (30 Minutes)
    • Video: “Managers and Sexual Harassment Issues”
    • Q & A on interviews: the complainant, the accused, witnesses
    • Duties of investigators, reporting, documentation, record maintenance

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