Production Activity Control


Class Lectures, practical exercises, group discussion, performance feedback


Number of sessions: 1

Length of Sessions: 4 hours

Total hours: 4

Target Audience:

The course is designed for employees from all organizations that manufacture a product. The skills learned apply to middle managers, administrative personnel, and employees who manage the flow of work in manufacturing organizations.

Summary of Content:

  • Introduction to managing work on the factory floor
  • Understanding workflow
  • Managing & improving any workflow
  • Techniques of scheduling
  • Implementing and controlling work orders
  • Input/output reports
  • At the end of this section the student should be able to:
  • List the four activities required to manage workflow in any environment
  • Discuss five approaches to managing workflow
  • Describe the basic techniques of scheduling
  • Summarize the process of implementing and controlling work orders
  • Develop a simple input/output report

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