The Fifth Lean Tenet: Striving for Perfection

Type: Class lectures, practical exercises


Number of sessions: 6 sessions
Length of sessions: 4 hours
Total hours: 24 hours

Target Audience

The course is designed for employees from all organizations, profit or non-profit, public or private, service or manufacturing. The skills learned apply to business owners, company executives, local, state and federal officials, health care professionals, financial professionals, middle managers, administrative personnel, and employees of manufacturing and service organizations. The Lean People for a Lean Enterprise class is a recommended but not required prerequisite.

Summary of Content

  • Understanding the effects of variation on service and manufacturing processes
  • Process inputs and outputs, internal and external customers and-suppliers
  • Basic models for striving for perfection, plan-do-check-act cycle
  • Brainstorming techniques, cause and effect diagrams, affinity diagrams
  • Identification of critical measurement points
  • Using statistical analysis, its history, purpose and benefits
  • Data collection methods and sampling techniques
  • Analyzing and displaying the data
  • Scatter diagrams for data correlation.
  • Central tendency and measures of dispersion.
  • Histograms and advanced frequency distribution patterns
  • Variable control charts to track variation in measured data
  • Attribute control charts to track variation in counted data
  • Other control charts: pre-control, moving average, short run.
  • Working with management; project mission clarification, progress reports

Objectives and Benefits

The objectives are for participants to develop abilities to improve product and service quality, reduce redundancies, mistakes, rework and waste. which leads to a reduction of internal costs. Benefits include a reduction of internal costs and increase in competitive advantages, market share, and profits and achievement of long-term business goals. Benefits also include an increase in both employee and customer satisfaction.

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