The Ladies of Logistics (LOL) & the Power of Networking

August 25, 2017

I've Been Thinking

On Friday night, I went to the annual LOL (Ladies of Logistics) networking bash, thanks to Elizabeth Warren (we’re pictured below). She brought together many of Southern California’s most powerful women in logistics (and a few men too). It was a great opportunity to talk with industry people from the ports, procurement, rail, trucking, air, policy, distribution and the media. Talk about a powerful network! This event illustrated the power of networks. We could never achieve as much individually as we do by collaborating. And, we propel each other to success! Making s’mores doesn’t hurt either….

Lisa Anderson with Elizabeth Warren

One tip to implement this week: 

Have you thought about the power of a network? Take a step back and think about which networks you participate with. Which networks surround your profession, geography, alma mater, and so on? Networks can be formal or informal. LOL is an informal network but just as powerful as some of the most formal ones I am part of.

Participating with the “right” network can lead to 1+1=64. Thus, it seems worthwhile to take a good look around and find a network where you think you’ll be able to add value. Start by looking for where you can add value. With that motivation and perspective, it is guaranteed that exponential returns will follow. More importantly, you’ll also enjoy it. When I first joined ProVisors (a network of trusted, professional advisers), I wasn’t sure how I’d provide many referrals. Fast-forward several years later and I am able to provide referrals for the most obscure of requests – and love it!

Let me know how networking has worked for you in the comments. And if you liked this article, take a look at a similar post about the value of professional mentoring.

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