Thriving In A Changing Environment – Overcoming Resistance To Change


Interactive workshop, participative exercises, roll playing and demonstrations


Number of sessions: 2

Length of Sessions:

4 hours

Total hours: 8

Target Audience:

This workshop is designed for organizations who are:

  • Facing significant changes in their marketplace
  • Re-engineering their business processes
  • Implementing new business systems
  • Going through an acquisition or merger
  • Making major adjustments to their workforce levels
  • Or any other kind of major change

This workshop is designed for personnel who are:

  • In charge of implementing major change projects
  • Managing organizations in transition
  • Members of a workforce that is affected by marketplace shifts

This workshop is most effective when both change agents and change targets work as a team to overcome resistance.

Summary of Content:

  • Understanding the nature of resistance
    • Recognize we do not fear ALL change only that which, rightly or wrongly, we perceive as a threat, that which threatens us.
  • Identifying reactions to change
    • The Change Continuum
      • Hidden agenda
      • Adversary
      • Uncertainty
      • Emergent
      • Normal
      • Abundance/Empowerment
  • Applying the tools to overcome fear
    1. Idea mining
      • introducing an idea
      • finding out what is needed or wanted
      • including the needs
    2. Beach ball communication
      • moving off your position without committing to theirs
      • capturing the words and the spirit of their position
      • inviting them to see your position
    3. Goaltending
      • selecting something in the areas of uncertainty
      • visualizing the goal completed
      • creating the plan and starting to work it
    4. Road mapping to achievement
      • building trust in yourself
      • focusing on your purpose
      • allowing your ideas to emerge
      • committing to goals
      • affirming & visualizing your success
      • taking action

Objectives and Benefits:

Attendees will:

  • Have a clear understanding of what the fear of change really is.
  • Know how to identify where others are in accepting change.
  • Learn simple tools they can use to foster the acceptance of change in themselves and others.
  • Be able to help their organizations understand why their current change efforts are stalled or have failed.
  • Be able to help individuals within their organizations see how they can benefit from change.
  • Have the skills to act as change facilitators and help the organization achieve its goals.

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