Train-The-Trainer, Presentation Skills


Class lectures, practical exercises with Camcorder


Number of sessions: 2 sessions

Length of sessions:

8 hours

Total hours: 16 hours

Target audience:

The course is designed for all employees from any type of organization: profit or non-profit, public or private, service or manufacturing. Typically these people are leads, supervisors, managers, or sales representatives responsible for giving verbal presentations or training other employees.

Summary of content:

  • Communication skills for training and presentations
  • Training basics; how and why people learn
  • Planning objectives, organizing material, making the presentation
  • Graphics and media selection
  • Room layout, logistics, common presentation problems
  • Practical exercises: Student videotaped presentations and critiques

Objectives and benefits:

The objectives are for the students to develop abilities to design clear, consise presentations and lesson plans. And, to be able to give persuasive, interesting presentations to motivate and educate external customers; or to motivate and train other employees. Participants will be able to use these skills in a formal classroom setting, or in on-the-job training. Participants will be able to state objectives clearly, obtain participation from their students, communicate clearly, use active listening skills, and use questioning techniques to affirm that the presentation objectives have been accomplished.

The benefits include the abilities to motivate,and educate the organization’s customer base in order to enhance potential product and service sales. The benefits include the abilities to motivate, and train the organization’s workforce in order to provide quality productrs and services, to provide innovative solutions to problems, to improve critical processes, to achieve on-time-delivery and reduced internal costs.

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