UPS Notes E-Commerce Boom

November 10, 2014

IveBeenThinkingBlog-1024x459According to today’s Wall Street Journal, UPS had robust growth in the third quarter, which was strongly influenced by the e-commerce boom. E-commerce now accounts for about 45% of U.S. packages. Is e-commerce on your radar?

I’m on the flight back from Phoenix as I went to meet with a potential ERP selection client and to see my parents. As I told my potential client, e-commerce is a must in any ERP selection project today. According to my recent Amazon Effect research report (which will be live shortly), e-commerce, websites, 24/7 accessibility and order status information have all become musts!

One tip to implement this week:

If you have influence on whether your company offers e-commerce, RACE towards it. If you don’t, you can still have an influence. Look up similar companies online. What do they offer?  Think about what might attract you to your company’s products and services. Provide suggestions to your boss, your marketing department, etc.

Also take a look at your system and your website, how appealing are they? Are they accessible 24/7? For example, can your customers or suppliers look up order status updates and purchase orders 24/7? Provide suggestions and ideas to your boss, I.T., etc.  In the vast majority of cases, employees at my clients’ are pleasantly surprised by how much influence they can have!

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