Why ERP Selection is a Strategic Topic

April 8, 2016

ERP selectionERP (enterprise resource planning) systems are the backbone of every manufacturer and distributor. Just take a look at what happens if the system is down for a few hours. People pack up and go home. That is a bit discouraging as we should know how to run manual processes; however, that’s a topic for another day. The bottom line is that we use ERP systems to place customer orders, purchase materials, plan production, ship product and invoice customers. They are cornerstone to success.

Not only do we use ERP systems for these core functions but there are also opportunities to leverage advanced functionality to drive business results:

  • Scalable growth
  • Supports new customer types such as ecommerce
  • Improved customer service levels
  • Higher margins
  • Accelerated cash flow
  • Increased productivity and levels of automation

My most successful clients see their ERP system and the use of their ERP system as a strategic business topic. My new proprietary process, ACE aligns critical success factors for endgame results with ERP selection and design.  Please contact me for more information about how to use this process to elevate your business performance.

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